The Hangover

Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday! I’m HALF WAY to my target so thank you all so much!!!

Massive shout out to everyone who attended Helsby Half Marathon (I volunteered that day) what a great effort from all the runners! It was such an experience seeing everyone at Mile 1 and again at the finish line! Congratulations to all my fellow runners for smashing PBs! When you attend things like this you see the real impact of running to exhaustion, not being able to connect with your legs and of course the bleeding nipples! If that didn’t put you off then you’ve definitely got the bug – I was even slightly jealous that I wasn’t running that day!

However, with training in full swing I really enjoyed week 2. I think finding a plan that fits in with your life is important, not only have I had a busy week getting the miles in but also having a personal life. I think when you commit to a marathon you have to invest your time but it’s definitely important to have a social life too!

Week 2 – I didn’t follow the plan to the T but I fitted in runs where I could. I had a run down the marshes with the club on Wednesday – interesting when your not used to running with a head torch on!

-2 degree runs!!!

Since I went back home to Scotland for my little sisters birthday I ran around my home town, well wow my pace and splits where brilliant and it was -2 weather that morning. However, the majority was completely flat compared to what I am used too, so I had a slight benefit. After the run I found it difficult the whole day to heat up however that was my own fault with not wearing the right clothing, that’s where the layers are the key. With my 6.2 on Friday I followed it with a Park Run in Falkirk the following day, very well organised route and such a scenic route! I hit my own PB for that course at 24 mins 1 sec which I was happy with. I’m trying not to focus on time however the more I am running and the variation of my runs I am gradually getting quicker.

Happy 6th Birthday AbiG

Week 3 – the introduction to farlkeck and hill sprints, wow! It’s basically speed work that is exhausting, hard and rewarding but part of my plan!

I then followed it by a Helsby club run on Wednesday which is always nice to be social and run with people! Gives you time to chat and makes it go a little bit quicker! Ive had to re-jig my weekend runs ‘again’ but all down to social life! So I completed 10 miles Friday which I felt dreadful, I definitely didn’t hydrate or eat enough that day followed by a very tired Ellesmere Port Park Run with Geoff (fellow running bud from HRC) and then to round it all down a hangover on the Sunday! I’m only human – runner by day, diva by night!

Now, I want to touch on shoes. A lot of people have asked me, what shoes do you wear? It has took me a long time to find the ‘shoes’, I have been through a fair few but fingers crossed my recent pair seem to work for me. Before I attended Budapest, I was getting little twinges in my hips and my left leg in particular. After about 8 miles running I would experience pain but I thought well your going to have to lump it you can’t change your shoes now. Budapest was great however I started to struggle at 16 miles, it was an extremely hot day, my toes where sore and the pain in my hips and legs was beginning to get unbearable. I remember each stride of hitting the pavement the shooting pain would come straight up my legs!

Strangely enough I rang a number one fan of mine, my dad. I don’t remember much of the conversation apart from ‘I’ve not stopped, but I’m in so much pain’ I think he responded with you have 2 miles to go, you can do this just keep going! I finished Budapest but after returning home I had bruised toe nails and a lot of blisters! Which made me turn to my shoes.

Budapest 30K with the girls!

If your serious about doing a 10K,half marathon, marathon or any sort of running ditch your Gucci trainers and invest in a decent pair of running shoes! You should go to a proper running shop who will put you on a treadmill and look at how you run – because we all run differently. Which to add, get the socks! Socks are just as important to stop the chaffing and blisters.

The new and upgraded running shoes!

Time to get set for my Week 4 of the plan, I’ve mixed it up this week at signed up for Aintree Half Marathon Sunday – wish me luck.

Hayley x

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