The Highs and Lows

Hi All, 10 weeks to go!

Well, it’s about time I wrote a blog and updated you on my running antics! Blogs always seem to come to me when I’ve had a bad run or when I think oh that might be useful, so here’s my latest.

Shin Splints 

So first, shin splints. If you suffer with shin splints then, well I feel your pain!! I don’t normally suffer with them and normally if I have a twinge in my shins its due to having my trainers tied a little too tight. Absolutely no Monday motivation here, I’ve just got back from what was going to be a steady 5-6 miles. I completed 1.5miles with a walk home! Have you ever felt like your shins are on fire and are about to pop, well that was me. Anyone that knows me, I’m probably really beating myself up about it BUT I’ve went into this process by keeping every bit of my journey real…

So, the past 2 weeks I have averaged over 30+miles a week. In all honesty I’m not sure why I suffered tonight, it could have been the 12-mile run to Chester on Saturday followed by a night out in a pair of heels! Who knows! My cure will be a bath followed with an ibuprofen – start again tomorrow! Its moments like these where I really start to doubt myself and my ability to run but with reassurance, I’m going to be absolutely fine!



I must mention that not all of my runs have been awful, I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 weeks! I attended Aintree Half Marathon as part of my training. I did this to get the mileage in and to try and pace myself – as pace will be an important part of London. I came out with a personal best of 1hr 46mins for a half marathon, which I was made up with! Now, like I’ve said, I’m a creature of habit, I hate being late and most of all I hate being unorganised.

I turned up to Aintree and forgot my chip (the chip is something that times you around your race). Well the sheer panic of having no chip put me off, but why I wasn’t sure?! Was it because I was nervous? Anyway, I ended up forking out a fiver for a new one!

Panic over I started, it was extremely cold that morning (-1 weather conditions!) but the run itself was fine. Most events normally give out gels or sweets along your journey however this one didn’t! I had no sugar supply – call me unorganised. I started to slow around 11 miles and to make it worse they started a 5K around that time. So, when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank you have people sprinting past with a lot of energy – that’s the only thing I didn’t enjoy. I finished and I was shaking, I needed sugar, I’ve never eaten jelly sweets so quickly in all my life. But it taught me something, you need fuel and to be more organised if that’s at an event or even just a long run – make sure you have the essentials. If that’s gels, water, money, clothing ect. 

Since then, I’ve started to incorporate gels into my longer runs, taking them at half way marks and its really improved my energy levels!  I’m also taking electrolytes which are to put the salts back into your system and they’re good for recovery. Right now, its all about trial and error and seeing what works for me because we are all different!

The Reassurance 

Well, if it isn’t the running club, the running buddies I’ve met along my running experience, my family and friends or even the reason that I am running London motivating me and spurring me on. I have still questioned myself, but when do you feel prepared? Because right now I don’t. Many people have told me various things, well you will be fine your fit, when you know you know or when you get to 20miles plus. So, I am intrigues to see how these go!

Another worry is that I jet off on holiday this Thursday – no running for 4-5 days?!!?! Am I going to lose my ability to run? Probably not but reminding myself rest is just as important and my legs will be raring to go on my return! 


Before I go, I hope you all enjoyed the raffle release – congratulations to all the winners!!

I can’t believe I was also spotted and had a space in the Chester Chronicle – when I saw my running picture (not my glam Saturday night diva pictures) splattered across half a page I was like WOW. They wrote such a lovely piece! 

Lastly, I want to thank the local companies for donations especially for my charity night coming up and my work Parry & Evans for supporting/sponsoring me throughout this whole journey and of course everyone who has donated and supported me so far!! 

If you would like to sponsor me, please follow the link!

Over & Out 

Hayley x

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