Pick Yourself Up & Start Again

Hi Everyone,


One month to go and my little leggys will be churning out 26miles in the capital surrounded by the best atmosphere and my loved ones cheering me on. If you asked me around February do I feel prepared or ready as I could be, I would of said yes. Right now, I don’t feel ready, confident or prepared as I feel I need to be to take on the task!

I haven’t blogged in a while, purely because I have been beating myself up over injury, illness, training and focusing on fundraising.

Fundraising Front

Charity Fundraising Night – British Lung Foundation

Firstly, what a success my charity fundraising night was I want to truly thank everyone that came and others that couldn’t attend and still donated – you are all amazing and I hope you all had a brill night. It was hard work getting things orgainsed but it definitely paid off raising £430 on the night alone! You also would have seen the Manchester United Ball on my social media, so Congratulations to Diane Lucas – there was a lot of people who were a bit gutted they didn’t win but no hard feelings! But I raised £200 for this too.

I am £20 away from target and I am still only in March – WOW incredible, no words can put into place how thankful I am. Thankful family and work colleagues have came up with further ideas to raise more funds which I am forever grateful for however I am going to take a step back and focus more on my training and getting me ready for the big day!

Manchester United Ball

Running life

Now, I’ve been suffering with injury, or is it even an injury?

It all started when I ran 12 miles and put myself in a pair of heels (previous blog). I suffered shin splints, since then attended numerous sports massage and physio. I then tried to run and realised it wasn’t my shins – it was my calves my calves began to get extremely tight on any run. I then became poorly in the mix of it and the doctor sat me down and said you must rest and recuperate. Not to sound dramatic but I felt like my body was just saying NO to anything.

Anyone that knows me I’m constantly on the go, I like to get out do things and I was bedbound for a week. I got upset because I was ill and then I would work myself up because I wasn’t running. At one point I couldn’t even walk to the shop because I felt so exhausted. Now Marathon Training takes up a lot of your life, I kind of knew this when I signed up but I didn’t expect how full on it would be – not always a bad thing!

After getting my health back in check, my running buddies who are the ones spurring me through at the minute started to slowly up my mileage again – 2 weeks off I thought I would have zero fitness. Running on trail helped in the beginning and now I am back running on road – still extremely tight calves.

I churned out 12 miles the Saturday just gone, calve pain in the beginning and at the end, it really did make me think how I am going to do this for 26miles. However, on the up I have a physio session next week and I am playing everything by the book correctly! I tried compression socks but they don’t work for me so I am hoping strapping my calves will give me some sort of relief!

Learning Curve

As a runner you hear about injury, I have numerous people say you hit a certain mileage when the body starts to niggle however you think ‘well that wont happen to me.’ I have also learnt a lot about warming up and cooling down, confession I never done it properly before but right now I swear by it! I’m stretching every day, foam rolling, icing and heat too it a crazy mix of how much you will do to get right!

Pacing is also a big learning curve as I think your either naturally quick at running or for me I have naturally got quicker as a runner. One of the things I was doing was going out and running every run at my quickest and finding it difficult to slow myself down! But after discussions with running buddies they told me to slow down, I would never be able to maintain that in London and even I knew that (my opinion). So recently the calve pain is slowing me down however its better because I am running slower and lasting longer on my feet, you have to think how long roughly you will be on your feet for and try to go out on them for that time because that’s what I will be doing at the end of the month!

Another thing I have learnt is WATER. We all drink it every day all day – well I do however hydrate yourself I am running a lot which means I’m losing a lot of water and salt. Depending on how far I am running normally depends on my water intake however I am drinking 3-4 liters a day which I drink a lot anyway however now incorporating more fluids while I am running too. I have this jazzy running bottle I got for Christmas (which I would recommend) but I never take it out purely because I think that’s another thing I have to carry. But when your going out for long runs taking gels your need some water – after while you get used to it.

Over & Out

Before I go there is a few special thank yous because part of each one of you is driving me forward..

Thanks to Sharon & Geoff for helping me getting out and upping my mileage up, for all the advice, texts asking how I am doing and recommendations. Thanks to Sarah – they lady that is doing my sports massage. I tried a few before I got to Sarah but she’s bloody brilliant!!

Thanks to my work Parry & Evans and my work gang – especially my bosses who have been incredibly supportive with the charity fundraising side of things & Clare for going out her way to get more funds.

Lastly, thanks to my mum, my dad and Jay – for putting up with all my episodes, tears and listening to me rambling on about training.

I have a good few runs planned this week, fingers crossed on the calve front! Incorporating my long run with Geoff this weekend and he will be one that churns me through on Saturday. If anyone else would like to donate to my page then please follow my link, if this is your first blog you’ve read of mine then please read why I am doing this. THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone supporting me and spurring me on! Hayley x n

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