Back on Track!

Hey all!

Well, I am well above target sitting at £2000 exactly! I can’t believe it, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone following me through this crazy journey!

Now before I start, check out my latest competition being organised through a close work friend Clare! It’s a chocolate egg competition (now who doesn’t like chocolate?!?). you guess the number of eggs at £1 a go and you could win the lot!! With a few runner up prizes too! Follow the link;

Again amazing effort Clare & thank you so much!

Eggggggy comp!

Where am I at?

Well after a long run last week which i did return home going how am I going to do 26 miles but churning out 18 today I have regained my faith, I loved it! Now your always going to get terrible runs and really good ones!

After attending physio and confirming I had micro tares in my tendons they confirmed I would be fine to run London but get it strapped! So, trying out the strapping I can say it helped me today massively! Can’t recommend Handbridge Therpaies enough, lots of knowledge and explaining the whole process for me! Not just the strapping but I am playing everything else by the book! Strength work, stretches ect.

Handbridge Therapies 👍🏼

Now, blisters! Never really massively suffered however after completing my long run today my sock was covered in blood and after looking at my big toe it even made me shiver! So if anyone can recommend non-blister socks send them my way!! But this is all part of my journey too.


A lot of people are asking me how are you feeling? If you asked me last week I didn’t feel like I would manage it, ask me this week I’m 100% going to give it everything I’ve got. I believe your mental mindset is one of the key elements to running, if you say you can’t do it then you won’t do it.

Taking your mind off the pain and occupying yourself with the distance. A few things I do is music, splitting the mileage down in my head into you’ve completed 10 you only have 8 to go and of course reminding myself why I took on this challenge in the first place. On the day everyone else is going through the same process!

18 miles ✅

Last Big Run

Now with completing 42 miles for the week I decided 18 would be my long run. When I started the process I thought it would be higher but taking into account I am behind the plan it will have to do. I want to be strong on the day!

This week I will still be complete high mileage however following next week I’m starting to bring it down! Who says you can’t go off plan?

Rounding it off…

Now as it gets closer I want to tell you that this has been the whirl wind experience I never expected. I’ve felt pressure, emotional, pain and strength.

However, my granny Tricia rang me last week and as we spoke she asked me how I was feeling and told me ‘as much as I won’t be there I’m going to be with you every single second of the way’ – now that made me emotional because it started to sink in. They would both be with me there in spirit, two of the strongest independent women that have led me through my life with positivity and love. A part of them is within me and giving me the determination to keep going.

With the support I have had throughout this process with too many people to mention I can’t thank you enough. I am sure the day will be one crazy roller coaster so stick with me.

Hayley x

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