The last part of the puzzle

5 Days to GO!

With 5 days to go nerves and the unknown are starting to kick in, I came home to a lovely card from The British Lung Foundation wishing me all the luck – it was far too cute!

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Now I feel like it’s not been smooth running at all, if you asked me in February how was I doing – I was confident. Right now the fear of the unknown is kicking in – I’ve never ran 26 miles. With under 5 days to go I can assure myself even a little bit undertrained I have gave this my heart and soul.

Ive suffered… with my calves (a lot), ran through pain, stopped running through pain. Learnt that you can chafe, I’ve had chafing ankles and toes ended up with shredded feet and broken a few toe nails. I’ve had those terrible runs where you want to chuck in the towel too! Trust me.

I’ve learnt…. (a lot) about running and pace, strength and stretching and how important they really are, food and how it is fuel – those early mornings on a weekend before a run, of course – hydration and more importantly how your mind is the key!

I’ve gained…as much as it’s been a roller coaster journey. I’ve gained knowledge about how my body is, what it likes and what doesn’t quite work (for me). How rest is good – I say that while I have the temptation to go out for a run. I’ve gained those really good runs and remember how much I do really love running and most importantly I’ve gained so much awareness around The British Lung Foundation and what they do! Not forgetting the amazing people who have helped and supported me through this crazy journey.

It’s nearly over

Reflecting back, I can’t believe how far I have came. As much as this week I’ve been waking up with butterflies and nerves for what’s around the corner I am trying to focus my mind on bringing that medal back!

In total I’ve raised up to £2230 and I cannot believe it!!!!!! To each and everyone of you who have been supporting me, donating, sharing my posts, listening to be bang on about running I cannot thank you enough. But it doesn’t stop there – if further donations would like to be made either before or on the day please follow the link.

Keeping it short & sweet

Keep an eye out for some posts over the weekend – il try my best to keep you all updated!

Both my beautiful granny’s are going to be with me right round the 26 miles, so London I’m coming for you! ❤️

Hayley x

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