One last blog

Well, where do I start.

What a crazy, emotional, rewarding experience. I finished my first marathon at 3hrs 58.. my original goal was a sub 4 but then with injury I started to become realistic and I would of been happy with a 4.15 or 4.30. When you’ve never done a marathon anything is a PB! But I got 3hrs 58!!!!!!! I’m on cloud 9.

It started off with the typical race day nerves, panicking about the littlest things and then focusing myself surrounded by millions of people at the start line.

As soon as I got started that was it, keep your pace down and go steady, I felt great – the crowds where incredible and with everyone shouting your name WOW. I saw family at mile 11 and was to see them at 18 then 25. I got to 18 and couldn’t spot anyone it was so busy but I felt fine so I kept going.

Now before I started I kept saying just make it to 20 and see what happens. By 20 I still felt fine – eh?! Then I hit 23, yep I stopped for a couple of seconds and drank some water and pulled my head together. It’s really those miles between 23-24 it’s your head and heart that gets you through!

Between 25-26 was a complete blur all I remember was the crowds and someone shouting ‘Hayley you look great keep going’ and so I did. The finish line was meters away and I just used every last bit of me I had left – I done it.

With seconds across the finish line the emotion and pain hit. But to round up London Marathon the Tower Bridge was my ultimate favourite.

I want to thank everyone for all the messages, the people who tracked me, the support from start to finish, the people who spurred me on throughout my training and also woke up early on the weekends to come running! Lastly, Jay, my family & Jays family for coming and supporting me on the day! Not forgetting all the sponsors (which are still coming in!!!) I have raised a massive amount of £2659.25 – GO TEAM BREATH!

Words do not come close to how thankful I really am! Much love Hayley x

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