The Hangover


Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday! I’m HALF WAY to my target so thank you all so much!!!

Massive shout out to everyone who attended Helsby Half Marathon (I volunteered that day) what a great effort from all the runners! It was such an experience seeing everyone at Mile 1 and again at the finish line! Congratulations to all my fellow runners for smashing PBs! When you attend things like this you see the real impact of running to exhaustion, not being able to connect with your legs and of course the bleeding nipples! If that didn’t put you off then you’ve definitely got the bug – I was even slightly jealous that I wasn’t running that day!

However, with training in full swing I really enjoyed week 2. I think finding a plan that fits in with your life is important, not only have I had a busy week getting the miles in but also having a personal life. I think when you commit to a marathon you have to invest your time but it’s definitely important to have a social life too!

Week 2 – I didn’t follow the plan to the T but I fitted in runs where I could. I had a run down the marshes with the club on Wednesday – interesting when your not used to running with a head torch on!

-2 degree runs!!!

Since I went back home to Scotland for my little sisters birthday I ran around my home town, well wow my pace and splits where brilliant and it was -2 weather that morning. However, the majority was completely flat compared to what I am used too, so I had a slight benefit. After the run I found it difficult the whole day to heat up however that was my own fault with not wearing the right clothing, that’s where the layers are the key. With my 6.2 on Friday I followed it with a Park Run in Falkirk the following day, very well organised route and such a scenic route! I hit my own PB for that course at 24 mins 1 sec which I was happy with. I’m trying not to focus on time however the more I am running and the variation of my runs I am gradually getting quicker.

Happy 6th Birthday AbiG

Week 3 – the introduction to farlkeck and hill sprints, wow! It’s basically speed work that is exhausting, hard and rewarding but part of my plan!

I then followed it by a Helsby club run on Wednesday which is always nice to be social and run with people! Gives you time to chat and makes it go a little bit quicker! Ive had to re-jig my weekend runs ‘again’ but all down to social life! So I completed 10 miles Friday which I felt dreadful, I definitely didn’t hydrate or eat enough that day followed by a very tired Ellesmere Port Park Run with Geoff (fellow running bud from HRC) and then to round it all down a hangover on the Sunday! I’m only human – runner by day, diva by night!

Now, I want to touch on shoes. A lot of people have asked me, what shoes do you wear? It has took me a long time to find the ‘shoes’, I have been through a fair few but fingers crossed my recent pair seem to work for me. Before I attended Budapest, I was getting little twinges in my hips and my left leg in particular. After about 8 miles running I would experience pain but I thought well your going to have to lump it you can’t change your shoes now. Budapest was great however I started to struggle at 16 miles, it was an extremely hot day, my toes where sore and the pain in my hips and legs was beginning to get unbearable. I remember each stride of hitting the pavement the shooting pain would come straight up my legs!

Strangely enough I rang a number one fan of mine, my dad. I don’t remember much of the conversation apart from ‘I’ve not stopped, but I’m in so much pain’ I think he responded with you have 2 miles to go, you can do this just keep going! I finished Budapest but after returning home I had bruised toe nails and a lot of blisters! Which made me turn to my shoes.

Budapest 30K with the girls!

If your serious about doing a 10K,half marathon, marathon or any sort of running ditch your Gucci trainers and invest in a decent pair of running shoes! You should go to a proper running shop who will put you on a treadmill and look at how you run – because we all run differently. Which to add, get the socks! Socks are just as important to stop the chaffing and blisters.

The new and upgraded running shoes!

Time to get set for my Week 4 of the plan, I’ve mixed it up this week at signed up for Aintree Half Marathon Sunday – wish me luck.

Hayley x

Keeping It Real – Week 1 Down – 15 to go


Hi Guys,

Firstly, WOW. Just wow. I cannot believe how many people read my first blog Week 1. I have received so much positive feedback and support, so hopefully you will like my latest blog. Week 2.

The Call

I want to rewind back to the day I first got the call to say I had been accepted to run London Marathon. I don’t remember the exact day; however, it was a man called Adam from The British Lung Foundation. He called me explaining who he was and simply ‘we have read your application and we would like you to run for us in the London Marathon, what do you think?’ Well I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it I was only speaking to Geoff (fellow running buddy from Helsby RC) the night before when he was telling me about his inspirational story when he ran London.

I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, my family, my boyfriend, friends and work colleagues.One thing I have always said is, if I am going to run a marathon it must be London and for a charity precious to me. But then it starts to sink in, the excitement wore off the next day and I felt anxious. But why did I feel so anxious about running a marathon? I should be planning.

I spoke to close family an explained my concerns. When am I going to find the time? I have £1800 to raise; how will I even do that? What fundraising ideas should I do?And lastly, how on earth am I going to run 26 miles and train?!

I’m not sure if it was just ‘a bad day’ on why I felt like this, but my mindset soon switched! I started to talk to fellow runners and close family, their experiences and it motivated me more. I recently joined a running club (HelsbyRC) and the runners are incredible. It’s a friendly group and every time you go you have the motivation to do something out your comfort zone. Well I think joining a club is out of some people’s comfort zone anyway – so that’s a good start! I also want to say if its something you have personally been thinking about taking up running, join a club! There are all different abilities, and no one judges – sometimes I feel like people only think its for athletes or extremely good runners. But its not!

So, I started to plan, get focused and well look at me now I am writing a blog.

My Personal Story

Now I mentioned briefly in my first blog why I am running for The British Lung Foundation. I am not one to bear my soul to the world however when you do things like this you have to talk and be open.

I found it difficult writing my JustGiving page, people would say have you set it up yet?But I had concerns over that, I am talking about something that is still so fresh to me. I didn’t want to upset family, but I then I thought why am I looking at it negatively? This is s a positive and I want to bring awareness to everyone!

I lost my Gran (Georgina Brooks) in early January 2018, it was the day after New Year’sday. My Gran had an ongoing struggle with COPD for many years, I remember that it started with a lot of medication and a lot of different coloured inhalers,but it then got worse. She was on continuous oxygen for the last years of her life, she wouldn’t leave the house because her immune system was so weak, and she didn’t want to pick up an infection – now this wasn’t my gran. Even when I was a child, she would take us out to the local town center even if it was just for shopping.

They say COPD is like breathing through a straw. Now, can you even imagine how difficult that must be? I look at running and the biggest organs you use is 1) your heart 2) your lungs. Now imagine that feeling you get breathing with COPD and running at the same time. I recently met a runner with COPD at the park run and that’s areal inspiration right there!

Not only am I running for my Gran Brooks but my other gran also who is still with us, I call her Granny Tricia. She also suffers with COPD, its difficult for her but for us too when you see how exhausted she is even walking to the kitchen. Now for me, my grandparents are my world. Grandparents are the ones that think no bad in you and only the positives, the ones that support you no matter what and the ones that always said you could have sweets when your Mum and Dad said no!

I plan on touching more on COPD and lung disease throughout my blogging so keep with me.

The Beginning of Week 2

Now, let me tell you about my week.

Firstly,how am I doing with the podcast situation? Ok, erm.  I went out for another 5 miles on Wednesday,I started to listen to Fern Cottons – The Happy Place podcast. The podcast covers mental health and supports the charity mind, now I am 110% behind mental health however the podcast just wasn’t for me. I want to touch on the mental mindset as I continue to blog too, I believe that as much as people say well its one foot in front of the other, how hard can it be? I believe the mental mindset is the key!

In my first week I have completed the total amount of miles on the plan – 23 miles! My runs during the week have been fine, the struggle with the dark morning and dark evenings especially with running are difficult but once your out, your out! I shuffled my plan slightly this week which meant I done a back to back run Saturday and Sunday (this wasn’t part of the plan!) EP Park Run on Saturday and then another 8 miles on Sunday. Now, if you’re a beginner runner I would recommend the Park Runs. They are everywhere, so friendly and a good way to get the miles in! There are always pace walkers so there is no pressure if you can’t run the whole thing.

On Saturday before the park run, I sat in my car, knackered and talking myself out of running it. Soon before I knew it I was finished, I’d done it?! It wasn’t my best run or performance I remember at 2 miles saying to myself god I’m knackered.But once I finished and I bumped into a few new faces who said ‘I tried to catch you but I just couldn’t’ and I thought why am I beating myself up about this Park Run – they’re supposed to be fun!

However,Sunday didn’t go as planned either. I went out for 8 miles in which I completed 8 miles however the WIND – how windy! The wind was extremely strong and I think I have previously mentioned about weather and the impact on running. For the first 3 miles I was running against the wind to the point where my earphones fell out every 2 seconds. I had to ditch the headphones but then it allowed me time to concentrate on how I was running. I started to concentrate on my legs,my arms and my breathing. Now personally it takes me a good mile for my breathing to become stabilised. I think if your breathing sounds extremely exhausted your pushing yourself way to hard, again if you think your running slow, top tip slow down again! It happens a lot! The main way I control my breathing is deep breaths in and out – feel your lungs fill up!

Now if it wasn’t just down to the wind, I got chased by a dog. Could these 8 miles get any better? I’ve ditched my headphones, I feel like someone is pushing me back every time I go forward and now, I have a dog that’s going to eat my ankles –brilliant.

Overall not the best start but I am going to take the positives from it!


I have a busy week ahead with work and birthdays, its Abigail’s 6th birthday (that’s my little sister) so I will be shuffling my plan again! Now Abigail believes that she will be running the marathon with me and her thing at the moment is asking me if she can race me when ‘we’ do the marathon – ha! But I am sure she will be taking full advantage of the freebies at the end. However, as long as I get the miles in I am still sticking to the plan!

One from Sundays 8 miles

Before I go,a few people since this blog have asked me, well how did you get your plan? You simply google there is thousands out there however I read a book and I thought well that looks like it could work for me! I have read various books/magazines given to me with plans. I have personally gone for an intermediate plan rather than a beginner purely because I already run!

Wish me luck this week and follow me on Strava (running app) if you’re interested on taking a closer look at my runs!

Again, THANK YOU for all the amazing support and donations.

Hayley x

The Journey Begins – Week 1


Hi All,

You either already know me or don’t have a clue who I am, so here’s the start. I’m Hayley and I am running the London Marathon 2019 in aid of The British Lung Foundation in memory of my Granny Brooks who I sadly lost in January 2018. My gran suffered with a chronic incurable illness called COPD which I will touch on throughout blogging. I have no doubt that she would be ecstatic with pride with my efforts for London Marathon 2019.

British Lung Foundation Cake Sale!

I am in full swing with charity fundraising activities however one night I thought well how do I keep people updated on how I am getting on?! Firstly, I want to make it clear I am no Mo Farah but I am going to give it a right good go! I am just someone who enjoys running maybe not the pain but definitely the sense of achievement at the end of a run/race! The furthest I have ever ran is 18.8 miles, I thought that would of put me off for life! Yet here I am writing a blog which to add is all new to me! Now i’m ready to start my first week training for London.

My first ‘race’ you could call it, was Aviemore Half Marathon a couple of years back – if you ever get the chance to go its one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. My dad made me sign up and told me it would be ‘fun’ ok then. I had only ran about a maximum of 3-5 miles before the half marathon. I promised myself I would train for it but it never did happen! I think I even used to tell people I was training when I really wasn’t because does 3 miles count as training? – ha. One exact memory I have of my gran and running. Is that she had every faith that I would be successful at running and completing it. However when it came to my dad, she thought he would struggle to the finish line. Only to find, that it was my dad picking me up at 4 miles from the pavement telling me to keep going when I refused to move – eh?!! It was one of the hardest things I had ever done at that point in my life, I struggled. I didn’t know anything about running and certainly no knowledge on what clothes to wear, shoes to wear, gels and hydration! I precisely remember about 11/12 miles telling my dad to pick me up at the hotel we had passed and to carry on without me. The last mile felt like a lifetime away and I was in a lot of pain, but somehow i managed to finish it. My only advice to someone going to signing up for an event who has never ran before – train and don’t put pressure on yourself! I now know why there are training plans out there (there is loads!) and why these events are taken seriously.

Aviemore Half Marathon – Finish Line

Since then, I swore I would never run again purely because I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks! However I have since completed a few races and got that ‘running bug’, not sure how it happened but it did! I tend to run about 4 times a week now or any opportunity I get – I enjoy it! Things I’ve learnt 1)you need decent trainers 2) you need proper socks 3) food is fuel 4) there are many different types or running and so forth! When it comes to running gear, surprisingly I’m not a fussy runner! For instance, my watch. I have a Garmin Forerunner, its a tacky little watch and i have had it for 2-3 years now. One thing you will notice at a race, is there will be runners with the newest and latest gear but maybe that’s there thing!

Garmin Forerunner – Great for beginners or non techy people

Anyway, here I go. Week 1 of training for London Marathon.

So recently I took part in the Wirral Way 10K run with Sharon (running buddy I met at Helsby RC!). A good excuse to go out and run 6 miles on a Saturday – I even hit my PB on antibiotics I thought that was pretty decent. Monday, the first day of the plan (5 miles). The whole day I acted like I hadn’t ran before. Speaking to Jay (that’s my boyfriend btw) saying it’s the big day! Day 1 of the plan!

So, I got home from work looked at my fridge there was the first 8 weeks (not the whole 16 week plan) staring at me in the face. Before this I had tips in work from Senead (a close friend/work colleague) to try listen to podcasts while I run. But I’ve never done this before? Im used to getting my playlists on!

I got into my running gear, not the coldest night but off I went with my podcast for my first 5 miles of the plan. Serial is the name of the podcast, now if you have interest at all listen to it its a good podcast. However, picture me running down dark roads listening to a murder investigation. Did the run go quick? Yep, Was I slightly freaked out? Yep. Overall podcasts seem good and I will try it again but maybe not a murder and something more upbeat – if anyone has recommendations please let me know. (Also, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go out on dark roads without reflective clothing, head torch or bright clothing btw!)

The first 5 miles was fine, I was like a new women when I got back home and thought how hard can it be? I will be running a half marathon distance in 4 weeks (I have a slight confession half marathons are my favourite distance). But it then starts to sink in, well some Sundays you will be running 20 miles or I will be running back to back Saturday and Sunday – how am I going to do this?!!

I plan on completing a total of 23 miles this week, I think I normally would average about 20! So I will keep you updated on how my runs go. If you don’t know, all runs are different. The weather, how tight your shoes are, have you eat the right thing, zero energy, tiredness – they all come into play. But then one day you go out and can run and run and run a bit like Forest Gump.. ok maybe not that extreme. You will have days that your slower or your quicker, I will do the park run and try get my best time. Am I exhausted? Of course! I’ve just pushed myself to the maximum for 3.2 miles! But am I focused on time for London right now? Not at all!

I tend not to put a time on it if I’ve never ran the distance before, running 26 miles is an achievement in itself! I will talk about time another anyway or I am going to start rambling for a while.

Now get, set, go! Another 5 miles tonight! The raffle is in full swing this week and winners will be announced on the first week of Feb! There may potentially be a charity night in the cards for the raffle release so I will keep everyone updated!

Again, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me and all the local companies for there generious donations.

Hayley x

One last blog

Well, where do I start.

What a crazy, emotional, rewarding experience. I finished my first marathon at 3hrs 58.. my original goal was a sub 4 but then with injury I started to become realistic and I would of been happy with a 4.15 or 4.30. When you’ve never done a marathon anything is a PB! But I got 3hrs 58!!!!!!! I’m on cloud 9.

It started off with the typical race day nerves, panicking about the littlest things and then focusing myself surrounded by millions of people at the start line.

As soon as I got started that was it, keep your pace down and go steady, I felt great – the crowds where incredible and with everyone shouting your name WOW. I saw family at mile 11 and was to see them at 18 then 25. I got to 18 and couldn’t spot anyone it was so busy but I felt fine so I kept going.

Now before I started I kept saying just make it to 20 and see what happens. By 20 I still felt fine – eh?! Then I hit 23, yep I stopped for a couple of seconds and drank some water and pulled my head together. It’s really those miles between 23-24 it’s your head and heart that gets you through!

Between 25-26 was a complete blur all I remember was the crowds and someone shouting ‘Hayley you look great keep going’ and so I did. The finish line was meters away and I just used every last bit of me I had left – I done it.

With seconds across the finish line the emotion and pain hit. But to round up London Marathon the Tower Bridge was my ultimate favourite.

I want to thank everyone for all the messages, the people who tracked me, the support from start to finish, the people who spurred me on throughout my training and also woke up early on the weekends to come running! Lastly, Jay, my family & Jays family for coming and supporting me on the day! Not forgetting all the sponsors (which are still coming in!!!) I have raised a massive amount of £2659.25 – GO TEAM BREATH!

Words do not come close to how thankful I really am! Much love Hayley x

The last part of the puzzle

5 Days to GO!

With 5 days to go nerves and the unknown are starting to kick in, I came home to a lovely card from The British Lung Foundation wishing me all the luck – it was far too cute!

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Now I feel like it’s not been smooth running at all, if you asked me in February how was I doing – I was confident. Right now the fear of the unknown is kicking in – I’ve never ran 26 miles. With under 5 days to go I can assure myself even a little bit undertrained I have gave this my heart and soul.

Ive suffered… with my calves (a lot), ran through pain, stopped running through pain. Learnt that you can chafe, I’ve had chafing ankles and toes ended up with shredded feet and broken a few toe nails. I’ve had those terrible runs where you want to chuck in the towel too! Trust me.

I’ve learnt…. (a lot) about running and pace, strength and stretching and how important they really are, food and how it is fuel – those early mornings on a weekend before a run, of course – hydration and more importantly how your mind is the key!

I’ve gained…as much as it’s been a roller coaster journey. I’ve gained knowledge about how my body is, what it likes and what doesn’t quite work (for me). How rest is good – I say that while I have the temptation to go out for a run. I’ve gained those really good runs and remember how much I do really love running and most importantly I’ve gained so much awareness around The British Lung Foundation and what they do! Not forgetting the amazing people who have helped and supported me through this crazy journey.

It’s nearly over

Reflecting back, I can’t believe how far I have came. As much as this week I’ve been waking up with butterflies and nerves for what’s around the corner I am trying to focus my mind on bringing that medal back!

In total I’ve raised up to £2230 and I cannot believe it!!!!!! To each and everyone of you who have been supporting me, donating, sharing my posts, listening to be bang on about running I cannot thank you enough. But it doesn’t stop there – if further donations would like to be made either before or on the day please follow the link.

Keeping it short & sweet

Keep an eye out for some posts over the weekend – il try my best to keep you all updated!

Both my beautiful granny’s are going to be with me right round the 26 miles, so London I’m coming for you! ❤️

Hayley x

Back on Track!

Hey all!

Well, I am well above target sitting at £2000 exactly! I can’t believe it, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone following me through this crazy journey!

Now before I start, check out my latest competition being organised through a close work friend Clare! It’s a chocolate egg competition (now who doesn’t like chocolate?!?). you guess the number of eggs at £1 a go and you could win the lot!! With a few runner up prizes too! Follow the link;

Again amazing effort Clare & thank you so much!

Eggggggy comp!

Where am I at?

Well after a long run last week which i did return home going how am I going to do 26 miles but churning out 18 today I have regained my faith, I loved it! Now your always going to get terrible runs and really good ones!

After attending physio and confirming I had micro tares in my tendons they confirmed I would be fine to run London but get it strapped! So, trying out the strapping I can say it helped me today massively! Can’t recommend Handbridge Therpaies enough, lots of knowledge and explaining the whole process for me! Not just the strapping but I am playing everything else by the book! Strength work, stretches ect.

Handbridge Therapies 👍🏼

Now, blisters! Never really massively suffered however after completing my long run today my sock was covered in blood and after looking at my big toe it even made me shiver! So if anyone can recommend non-blister socks send them my way!! But this is all part of my journey too.


A lot of people are asking me how are you feeling? If you asked me last week I didn’t feel like I would manage it, ask me this week I’m 100% going to give it everything I’ve got. I believe your mental mindset is one of the key elements to running, if you say you can’t do it then you won’t do it.

Taking your mind off the pain and occupying yourself with the distance. A few things I do is music, splitting the mileage down in my head into you’ve completed 10 you only have 8 to go and of course reminding myself why I took on this challenge in the first place. On the day everyone else is going through the same process!

18 miles ✅

Last Big Run

Now with completing 42 miles for the week I decided 18 would be my long run. When I started the process I thought it would be higher but taking into account I am behind the plan it will have to do. I want to be strong on the day!

This week I will still be complete high mileage however following next week I’m starting to bring it down! Who says you can’t go off plan?

Rounding it off…

Now as it gets closer I want to tell you that this has been the whirl wind experience I never expected. I’ve felt pressure, emotional, pain and strength.

However, my granny Tricia rang me last week and as we spoke she asked me how I was feeling and told me ‘as much as I won’t be there I’m going to be with you every single second of the way’ – now that made me emotional because it started to sink in. They would both be with me there in spirit, two of the strongest independent women that have led me through my life with positivity and love. A part of them is within me and giving me the determination to keep going.

With the support I have had throughout this process with too many people to mention I can’t thank you enough. I am sure the day will be one crazy roller coaster so stick with me.

Hayley x

Pick Yourself Up & Start Again

Hi Everyone,


One month to go and my little leggys will be churning out 26miles in the capital surrounded by the best atmosphere and my loved ones cheering me on. If you asked me around February do I feel prepared or ready as I could be, I would of said yes. Right now, I don’t feel ready, confident or prepared as I feel I need to be to take on the task!

I haven’t blogged in a while, purely because I have been beating myself up over injury, illness, training and focusing on fundraising.

Fundraising Front

Charity Fundraising Night – British Lung Foundation

Firstly, what a success my charity fundraising night was I want to truly thank everyone that came and others that couldn’t attend and still donated – you are all amazing and I hope you all had a brill night. It was hard work getting things orgainsed but it definitely paid off raising £430 on the night alone! You also would have seen the Manchester United Ball on my social media, so Congratulations to Diane Lucas – there was a lot of people who were a bit gutted they didn’t win but no hard feelings! But I raised £200 for this too.

I am £20 away from target and I am still only in March – WOW incredible, no words can put into place how thankful I am. Thankful family and work colleagues have came up with further ideas to raise more funds which I am forever grateful for however I am going to take a step back and focus more on my training and getting me ready for the big day!

Manchester United Ball

Running life

Now, I’ve been suffering with injury, or is it even an injury?

It all started when I ran 12 miles and put myself in a pair of heels (previous blog). I suffered shin splints, since then attended numerous sports massage and physio. I then tried to run and realised it wasn’t my shins – it was my calves my calves began to get extremely tight on any run. I then became poorly in the mix of it and the doctor sat me down and said you must rest and recuperate. Not to sound dramatic but I felt like my body was just saying NO to anything.

Anyone that knows me I’m constantly on the go, I like to get out do things and I was bedbound for a week. I got upset because I was ill and then I would work myself up because I wasn’t running. At one point I couldn’t even walk to the shop because I felt so exhausted. Now Marathon Training takes up a lot of your life, I kind of knew this when I signed up but I didn’t expect how full on it would be – not always a bad thing!

After getting my health back in check, my running buddies who are the ones spurring me through at the minute started to slowly up my mileage again – 2 weeks off I thought I would have zero fitness. Running on trail helped in the beginning and now I am back running on road – still extremely tight calves.

I churned out 12 miles the Saturday just gone, calve pain in the beginning and at the end, it really did make me think how I am going to do this for 26miles. However, on the up I have a physio session next week and I am playing everything by the book correctly! I tried compression socks but they don’t work for me so I am hoping strapping my calves will give me some sort of relief!

Learning Curve

As a runner you hear about injury, I have numerous people say you hit a certain mileage when the body starts to niggle however you think ‘well that wont happen to me.’ I have also learnt a lot about warming up and cooling down, confession I never done it properly before but right now I swear by it! I’m stretching every day, foam rolling, icing and heat too it a crazy mix of how much you will do to get right!

Pacing is also a big learning curve as I think your either naturally quick at running or for me I have naturally got quicker as a runner. One of the things I was doing was going out and running every run at my quickest and finding it difficult to slow myself down! But after discussions with running buddies they told me to slow down, I would never be able to maintain that in London and even I knew that (my opinion). So recently the calve pain is slowing me down however its better because I am running slower and lasting longer on my feet, you have to think how long roughly you will be on your feet for and try to go out on them for that time because that’s what I will be doing at the end of the month!

Another thing I have learnt is WATER. We all drink it every day all day – well I do however hydrate yourself I am running a lot which means I’m losing a lot of water and salt. Depending on how far I am running normally depends on my water intake however I am drinking 3-4 liters a day which I drink a lot anyway however now incorporating more fluids while I am running too. I have this jazzy running bottle I got for Christmas (which I would recommend) but I never take it out purely because I think that’s another thing I have to carry. But when your going out for long runs taking gels your need some water – after while you get used to it.

Over & Out

Before I go there is a few special thank yous because part of each one of you is driving me forward..

Thanks to Sharon & Geoff for helping me getting out and upping my mileage up, for all the advice, texts asking how I am doing and recommendations. Thanks to Sarah – they lady that is doing my sports massage. I tried a few before I got to Sarah but she’s bloody brilliant!!

Thanks to my work Parry & Evans and my work gang – especially my bosses who have been incredibly supportive with the charity fundraising side of things & Clare for going out her way to get more funds.

Lastly, thanks to my mum, my dad and Jay – for putting up with all my episodes, tears and listening to me rambling on about training.

I have a good few runs planned this week, fingers crossed on the calve front! Incorporating my long run with Geoff this weekend and he will be one that churns me through on Saturday. If anyone else would like to donate to my page then please follow my link, if this is your first blog you’ve read of mine then please read why I am doing this. THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone supporting me and spurring me on! Hayley x n

The Highs and Lows

Hi All, 10 weeks to go!

Well, it’s about time I wrote a blog and updated you on my running antics! Blogs always seem to come to me when I’ve had a bad run or when I think oh that might be useful, so here’s my latest.

Shin Splints 

So first, shin splints. If you suffer with shin splints then, well I feel your pain!! I don’t normally suffer with them and normally if I have a twinge in my shins its due to having my trainers tied a little too tight. Absolutely no Monday motivation here, I’ve just got back from what was going to be a steady 5-6 miles. I completed 1.5miles with a walk home! Have you ever felt like your shins are on fire and are about to pop, well that was me. Anyone that knows me, I’m probably really beating myself up about it BUT I’ve went into this process by keeping every bit of my journey real…

So, the past 2 weeks I have averaged over 30+miles a week. In all honesty I’m not sure why I suffered tonight, it could have been the 12-mile run to Chester on Saturday followed by a night out in a pair of heels! Who knows! My cure will be a bath followed with an ibuprofen – start again tomorrow! Its moments like these where I really start to doubt myself and my ability to run but with reassurance, I’m going to be absolutely fine!



I must mention that not all of my runs have been awful, I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 weeks! I attended Aintree Half Marathon as part of my training. I did this to get the mileage in and to try and pace myself – as pace will be an important part of London. I came out with a personal best of 1hr 46mins for a half marathon, which I was made up with! Now, like I’ve said, I’m a creature of habit, I hate being late and most of all I hate being unorganised.

I turned up to Aintree and forgot my chip (the chip is something that times you around your race). Well the sheer panic of having no chip put me off, but why I wasn’t sure?! Was it because I was nervous? Anyway, I ended up forking out a fiver for a new one!

Panic over I started, it was extremely cold that morning (-1 weather conditions!) but the run itself was fine. Most events normally give out gels or sweets along your journey however this one didn’t! I had no sugar supply – call me unorganised. I started to slow around 11 miles and to make it worse they started a 5K around that time. So, when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank you have people sprinting past with a lot of energy – that’s the only thing I didn’t enjoy. I finished and I was shaking, I needed sugar, I’ve never eaten jelly sweets so quickly in all my life. But it taught me something, you need fuel and to be more organised if that’s at an event or even just a long run – make sure you have the essentials. If that’s gels, water, money, clothing ect. 

Since then, I’ve started to incorporate gels into my longer runs, taking them at half way marks and its really improved my energy levels!  I’m also taking electrolytes which are to put the salts back into your system and they’re good for recovery. Right now, its all about trial and error and seeing what works for me because we are all different!

The Reassurance 

Well, if it isn’t the running club, the running buddies I’ve met along my running experience, my family and friends or even the reason that I am running London motivating me and spurring me on. I have still questioned myself, but when do you feel prepared? Because right now I don’t. Many people have told me various things, well you will be fine your fit, when you know you know or when you get to 20miles plus. So, I am intrigues to see how these go!

Another worry is that I jet off on holiday this Thursday – no running for 4-5 days?!!?! Am I going to lose my ability to run? Probably not but reminding myself rest is just as important and my legs will be raring to go on my return! 


Before I go, I hope you all enjoyed the raffle release – congratulations to all the winners!!

I can’t believe I was also spotted and had a space in the Chester Chronicle – when I saw my running picture (not my glam Saturday night diva pictures) splattered across half a page I was like WOW. They wrote such a lovely piece! 

Lastly, I want to thank the local companies for donations especially for my charity night coming up and my work Parry & Evans for supporting/sponsoring me throughout this whole journey and of course everyone who has donated and supported me so far!! 

If you would like to sponsor me, please follow the link!

Over & Out 

Hayley x